Case Study: Travel Adventures

52Adventures builds and delivers customized travel plans & ideas for subscribers every week. Each is unique, and built for the individual member. We designed and concepted the site & the backend tools to enable the service to run efficiently and effectively.

52Adventures was a blast to work on. Building the front end and server-side completely from scratch, we created not just the acquisition site, but also the backend tools to allow new adventures to be found & generated for each subscriber quickly and easily.

Design Process

Travel is a highly sensory and visual experience, so the site needed to reflect that with evocative imagery representative of the service. We opted for a strong header, bold introductory text, and focus images for examples of the service. We followed that with a brief Q&A section and two clear & actionable call to action sections on either side of the Q&A.

On the backend we leveraged the Shards Dashboard HTML5 Bootstrap template to keep costs down. This proved to be an excellent choice as it was very flexible and has been well received.


52Adventrues backend is powered by Node, Mongo, and Express. It taps into the SkyScanner & Momondo APIs and scrapes data from AirBNB, Google & Wikipedia to build adventures quickly and easily. Essentially it pairs the best deals on flights with the best potential adventure and accommodation options meeting a user’s preferences, then generates a selection of trips that are then sent to the user once a week.

Wrap Up

Absolutely a fun project, this 52Adventures challenged us to manage data in a number of new and potentially unique ways and we learned a lot while building this out!