Case Study: Realty Marketing Platform

The Montiel Organization came in with a unique problem; they had an existing platform at the MVP stage that needed to be completely replaced, while adding a handful of new features; and they needed it in 7 weeks from first contact. The complete project featured redevelopment of their entire MVP from scratch, and consisted of […]

Tips For Getting Started With Influencer Marketing on Social

Influencer marketing is the process by which companies and brands rely on the reach, affability, and unique personality of well known, established players in the social media sphere. Every one from top shelf celebs to the 7 year old with the adorable YouTube channel with 7M subscribers is influencing and promoting. If they have an […]

Case Study: Travel Adventures

52Adventures builds and delivers customized travel plans & ideas for subscribers every week. Each is unique, and built for the individual member. We designed and concepted the site & the backend tools to enable the service to run efficiently and effectively. 52Adventures was a blast to work on. Building the front end and server-side completely […]