Building real things for real businesses. Best. Gig. Ever.

wedowork is a creative team of dedicated professionals passionate about helping small businesses & startups solve problems through creativity & tech development.

We design effective creative solutions and build responsive, agile platforms & sites. We help our clients be great at what they do by being great at what we do. That means bringing a unique vision to every project, assembling the right team for each task, and always communicating effectively.

The work.

Real Estate Marketing Platform & CMS

From providing listings & a web presence to connecting agents with buyers and sellers via email campaigns and out reach, Octopus Agent is a one stop marketing platform for Realtors & Brokers. This is a platform that puts agents on display and drives them to succeed.

Our goal when building this platform was straight forward - make it simple to use, flexible for growth, and highly performant.

This translated into a fully bespoke CMS for both the platform owners and the agents, custom front-end templates for agents to customize and choose from, integration with multiple MLS / ITX systems, and multiple email MTAs. Through testing and optimization we significantly improved page load time and system performance over the previous system.

“We are very, very happy with the speed and design, we can’t wait to start selling!”

Orlando Montiel, Founder & CMO

Mobile app encouraging real-world engagement & exploration

Creating a mobile app to keep kids engaged with their world sounds counter intuitive, but with smart gamification & reward mechanisms we rocked this. Providing incentive to visit and engage with nearby landmarks, Landmark Hunters gets kids out in the world learning, experiencing, and doing.

During development, careful attention was paid to both keeping kids connected and to their privacy. With tiered consent options we've provided a safe & secure way for children to checkin, engage, and communicate with other users nearby and all over the globe.

Bespoke CMS & Landing Page Builder for Tattoo Artists

rktat is the only website & landing page platform for tattoo artists. We help you increase your exposure, grow your audience, and nurture your prospects to turn visitors into clients.

rktat brings integrated & automated growth tools to every artist. SMS campaigns, email drip marketing, and custom landing pages all give artists the ability to connect with their audience, and grow in the long term.

Site & branding for historic home restoration team.

Hausen Contractors has been providing restoration services for historic homes for well over 30 years. A staple of the Wilmette community, the team is known for their quality work & integrity.

We built on that reputation and provided a site that was friendly & approachable for the users. We helped hustle the build and launch to have the site ready for the busy season, and leveraged WordPress to keep the site easy to update and maintain for their office staff.

Custom WordPress powered site for global shipping provider.

TAT came to us with a need for rapid redevelopment. We designed, created, and implemented their new custom designed site in just 3 weeks.

We also facilitated handling of additional backend technologies and PBX systems to ensure a smooth transition from SquareSpace to WordPress.

Platform, Site, & API development for travel service.

52Adventures builds and delivers customized travel plans & ideas for subscribers every week. Each is unique, and built for the individual member.

We created and concepted the site & the backend tools to enable the service to run efficiently and effectively. The site is powered by Node, Mongo, and Express.

To build trips and gather data, the system taps into the SkyScanner & Momondo APIs and scrapes data from AirBNB, Google & Wikipedia. This allows handlers to build adventures quickly and easily.

About wedowork

Founded in Idaho. Fully remote.

Founded in beautiful Idaho Falls, Idaho, wedowork works with clients across the globe. We take no small amount of pride in being able to do more than just great work - we do it from great places, with great clients, and a wonderful team.

From story-boarding to drafts & backend development you can expect consistent, clear, and timely communication from us. We're a small boutique team, and we leverage that advantage into being able to give each client real connection and contact from day one all the way through each project and beyond.

Leadership Team

Built from over a decade of Topher's freelance & consulting work, wedowork is very much a husband & wife led agency.

Callie tackles client happiness & third-party outreach as well as principle photography. She can also be found behind the lens somewhere exciting, with recent shoots in Spain, Greece, and Montenegro.

As founder and tech director, Topher is hands on with every project. When he's not building something, he's planning the next surf trip or game night.

  • Topher Wilson Founder
  • Callie Wilson Client Happiness Advocate

Primary Team

We're a team of flexible professionals with a core expertise and capability across disciplines. This helps us work together as efficiently, and that shared context provides for effective communication.

  • Johann Kratzik Dev & Ops
  • John Bennett Design
  • Adam Roberts Design & Dev

What wedowork does

We design and build things. Web things, app things, tech things.

When we build something new, we start from the end; who will use this, where will it go, what will it do? The answer to that tells us where to start, and we work to foment the most ideal result to that answer. This leads to a better user experience and better profitability.

We build creative & effective platforms, apps, and sites. Our tech stack is lean, modern, and performant. Our Design is result-oriented and modern. We look forward to seeing what we can build for you. Send us a note and we'll talk.

Here are some specific things we can help with

  • Platform Development
  • Prototypes
  • Application Design
  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Product Management
  • Experimental Concepts
  • eCommerce
  • Social & Media
  • Innovation
  • Analytics
  • Concepting
  • User Experience
  • Social Engagement
  • Photography
  • Digital Consulting

We are super excited to see what we can build for you.

We're pretty chill and easy to chat with. We engage with clients like old friends - we enjoy our work and want you to enjoy it too. If you have a project at hand, an idea that needs an MVP (minimum viable prototype), or just want to chat, drop us a note or fill the form below and we'll talk.

We're remote but keep office hours roughly tied to MST (GMT-7), you should hear from us within about 24 hours.

Your information with us is private, we'll treat it as if it were our own.

If you'd rather give us a call, that's great too. Here's our info:

30 North Gould St,
Sheridan, WY